A short visit to USS Green Bay

What a wonderful moment! On last Friday 19th of Oct 2012 I have a chance to visit USS Green Bay LPD 20 in Bali. I was there in Benoa Sea Port with 15 guests altogether, mostly Consulate General Countries in Indonesia. Colonel I Wayan Suarjaya Commander Denpasar Naval Base was also with us. A small boat called Water Taxi 3, took us from Benoa to the ship which is stay around 10 miles from the Nusa Dua beach.

USS Green Bay in Bali – 19th October 2012

After 25 minutes Water Taxi 3 reached the USS Green Bay, then we aboard the USS Green Bay. The ship’s Commander Colonel Putnam H. Browne is very kind gentleman and he explained clearly everything about the ship. He took us have a close look around the ship.

The USS Green Bay has more than 200 m length and 30 m wide and able to travel with speed of 22 knots. This ship has 3 decks and able to brings up to 1.200 people altogether on it. On its bottom deck fully loaded with several amphibian tanks and hovercraft called LCAC landing Craft Air Cushion. In the middle deck full with rubber boat, and in the upper deck stand the immense 4 CH-46 Sea Knight helicopters.

Upper deck in front of Sea Knights helicopters

From the main control room, Nusa Dua was seems like swaying between the smooth waves from the distance.

The USS Green Bay motto is Statum Bello Invictus Maneo (stand and fight remain unvanquished). According to Adrian, after Bali the ship will sail to Middle East with the other 2 similar ships, which are now still in Bangkok and Darwin. In March 2011 the ship assisted in relief efforts after the massive 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.

Water Taxi Three

The visit ended with nice and delicious lunch. Salad, steak and apple pie with ice cream make the visit become a memorable moment for us. My lunch-mate on my right side is Nicolas he take care of the ship’s engine propulsion. He married and stay in Pennsylvania and this is the 6 months assignment aboard the ship.

At 2.45 pm the Water Taxi 3 brought us back to the Port of Benoa. And it was really nice to have experience aboard and take pictures of the ship Thank you for being able to visit the wonderful USS Green Bay, it was really unforgettable moment.

Have a nice voyage to Middle East Commander.